Nutritional Health & Healing

"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food."
Hippocrates, Father of Western Medicine (460BC – 377BC)

Transformational Nutrition for Life

Nutritional Health & Holistic Healing

Where optimal health & nutrition are built on empowerment, commitment, education and support. Combining evidence-based medicine with traditional wisdom to help you thrive

Nutrition and Holistic Healing Clinics – Victoria Point & Cleveland, Brisbane

Have you seen practitioner after practitioner?  

Still, suffering from symptoms and don’t know what to do?

Unfortunately, I hear this a lot in the clinic.  All too often, this leaves people feeling deflated, confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated.  

Hi, I’m Nicole Bennett, and I do things a little differently here.  It’s important to me that every single client feels heard and recognized as the unique individual they are.  I spend the time and go the extra mile getting to know you and tailoring your treatment to your specific needs.    

Nutritional Medicine, Reiki Healing, Flower Essences, and Sound Healing are all offered at both locations across Brisbane, Queensland.  Online appointments are also available.

My Experience

My experience is vast and varied, covering conditions ranging from Auto-immune presentations, Hormone health, Metabolic disease, Gut Health, Skin disorders, Mental health, Immune dysfunction and I have a special interest and passion in Children’s health (including PANS/PANDAS)

Client treatment plans are aimed at the root cause by using a holistic method rather than simply addressing symptoms with band-aid solutions.   

My approach does not involve fad diets, cutting out whole food groups (unless genuinely indicated), counting calories, or challenging to follow programs. I believe for change to be sustainable and effective, it needs to be gradual, achievable, and well understood so you can still enjoy the fun and spontaneity of life!

As the in-store Nutritionist at IGA Mt Cotton & IGA on Bloomfield, I conduct weekly demonstrations, workshops and can help with advice & recommendations.  Come down & say ‘Hi’!

My Passion

I have an absolute passion for helping people to learn, grow, evolve, and achieve optimal health.  My commitment to helping clients ensures they are acknowledged with compassion and understanding so that true healing can begin.  

Helping people regain their enthusiasm for life is so rewarding. Offering a professional and nurturing environment, I aim to simplify treatment plans into clear, individually tailored, step by step programs with achievable goals.

Nutritional Health & Healing

My Mission

My mission is to improve the lives of others by maximizing health and well-being with holistic, genuine, and multi-factorial care. To ensure every client understands and has access to the healing power of nature.

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