Nutritional Health & Healing


Nutritional Medicine

What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional Medicine is the study of food and nutrients and how they interact with the body to encourage either health or dis-ease. A holistic Clinical Nutritionist promotes dietary advice and health education to manage and prevent chronic and acute illness.

During the initial consultation we put all the puzzle pieces out on the table!

An in-depth collection of information and comprehensive health assessment is undertaken and may include:

Nutritional Health & Healing
  • Lifestyle, emotional and environmental factors
  • Dietary analysis
  • Full health history
  • Discussing health priorities and goals
  • Reviewing previous test results
  • Nail, Skin, Conjunctiva & Tongue analysis
  • Bio impedance analysis (fat, muscle, bone & fluid distribution)
  • Blood Pressure and pulse
  • Zinc Tally Test
  • Urinalysis
  • Random Blood Glucose

An individualised treatment plan is provided in the second consultation along with your own personalised report “Report of Findings”. This consultation aims to explain the how, why, when, what & where of your current state of health through a holistic lens.

The information provided may include:

  • Underlying drivers
  • Links between your symptoms & other factors
  • Short & long term health goals
  • Diet advice & suggestions
  • Referral letters for Doctors or other health professionals
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Testing requests: Functional, Genetic or Pathology (if necessary)
  • Nutritional supplements (if necessary)

Using the therapeutic power of food, education and scientific evidence-based medicine let’s assist your body to repair and thrive!


Community & Corporate workshops & talks also available


Testing Options

After a full assessment, further testing may be recommended to ensure your optimal care. This can be done directly through our clinic, local pathology laboratory or a referral letter can be provided for your Doctor.

Great care is taken to only recommend the most advantageous and cost-effective testing tailored to suit individual needs.

Testing results can provide the missing link required for a more personalised treatment plan with quicker results. It also guides evidence based practice within the clinic.

If further testing is recommended full explanations are provided including available options, testing instructions, how the results will affect any treatment planning as well as any associated costs (which can be paid directly to the laboratory)

Different types of testing available include:

General Pathology

General pathology is primarily used for the identification of disease for diagnosis, management and treatment. Although this form of pathology is predominantly focused on late stage disease development, there is immense value in reviewing these results from a naturopathic perspective. Subtle changes and analysis of these results can provide a wealth of information.

Examples of general pathology include full blood examination & biochemistry, liver function tests, iron studies, thyroid stimulating hormone and urinalysis.

Functional Pathology

Functional pathology is a great predictor of early dysfunction in the body allowing for both effective disease prevention and early intervention. Particularly useful for addressing the underlying cause, management of chronic health issues as well as monitoring treatment progress.

Testing options available include gastrointestinal, immunological, hormonal, metabolic and nutritional markers. Many of these tests can be completed in the privacy of your own home.

Genetic Pathology

Genetic pathology explores various uses including detecting genes associated with disease (E.g. Coeliac, Haemochromatosis) as well as an exciting new field of Nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenomics links how your genetic variants influence your individual biochemistry. This powerful information (your genomic strengths and risk factors) is used to tailor diet and lifestyle treatment strategies. The ultimate in personalised nutritional medicine!

Testing options may cover individual nutrient requirements, inflammation, detoxification, methylation, weight management, metabolism, fertility and neurotransmitters.

Nutritional Health & Healing


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an amazing tool to help release stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional and physical imbalances. The gentle, nurturing technique enhances the body’s natural healing ability to promote health and wellness.

During a session you will lay on the treatment table fully clothed and are encouraged to close your eyes and experience a deep relaxation. Your practitioner will place their hands gently on the body in a sequence of hand positions, which may vary depending on your needs.

Nicole practices on both adults and children and takes great pride in offering a professional environment that is also comfortable and nurturing.

Also available:

  • Distance Reiki healing – great for pets or loved ones who are unable to attend the clinic
  • External visits (care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes etc) – phone to discuss further
  • Reiki Training (Level 1 & 2 ) for adults & children

My journey with Reiki

Like most journey’s, my introduction to Reiki training was a progressive synchronicity of people, situations and events. Since my first attunement in 2013 and the second (2014) and then Masters (2019) my love and application of Reiki has grown and broadened to where it is now an integral part of everyday life.

The five Reiki principles have been crucial in helping me find a sense of calm to reduce chronic anxiety and the sensation of overwhelm. Reiki also reinforces the importance of gratitude and compassion which has not only helped me personally but given me the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the lives of others.

My passion for Reiki was deepened and further ignited in 2018 upon visiting the birthplace of Reiki - the sacred Mount Kurama in Japan. This profound experience reinforced the importance of helping as many people as possible to have access to this amazing healing modality.

My vision is for this ancient healing art to become an appreciated treatment alongside orthodox medicine to assist the patient from a holistic perspective.

As a non-invasive treatment that promotes calmness, relaxation, healing and compassion Reiki is also the perfect easy addition to any school, hospice, special needs or care facility.

Nutritional Health & Healing

Sound Healing

Sound is a vibration from which our bodies respond to on both a crystalline and molecular level. Innately we are vibration and energy!

The crystal bowls amplify self-healing by providing a platform for harmonic frequencies and alignment.

Appointments are available online or at one of our clinics - Victoria Point or Cleveland